Since it was founded, Colas has always successfully placed technical skills and know-how at the forefront of its strategy levers. Providing asnwers to the present and future needs of customers, roads users and employees in the field, that is the mission of Colas R&D teams. Let’s continue to move ahead on the road to innovation: Colas, a leader in transport infrastructure, is leading the way.

R&D missions

  • Optimizing existing products: because needs are constantly changing, research experts, engineers and technicians focus on constantly improving existing products along with manufacturing and application techniques.
  • And design new ones: one of Colas’ research priorities is to anticipate market expectations and propose solutions to specific issues that customers face, via lines of research aiming to: 
    • improve surfacing performance in terms of safety and comfort,
    • cut costs by reusing materials,
    • rationalize binder manufacturing processes,
    • respond to new needs expressed by road users,
    • and, of course, develop environmentally friendly products.

Preserving the environment is one of the main focuses of Group policy, as part of the overall approach to foster responsible development at Colas. In the Group, research is based on the principle of continuous improvement, covering the entire chain: from production, construction to maintenance, covering the entire range of activities from extraction of raw materials to the end of the road’s service life.    

Research programs include the following obligations:

  • better management of natural resources,
  • decreased energy consumption,
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions,
  • recycling industrial and construction waste,
  • developing environmentally friendly products and techniques.