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22. 12. 2016

Warm mix asphalt for Ile d'Yeu

The Sables d’Olonne Colas Centre Ouest profit center secured a maintenance contract including the manufacturing and application of 1,350 tons of hot mix asphalt for roadways in Ile d’Yeu, an island off the coast of the Vendée region of France.

Because there is no asphalt plant on the island, the mix was manufactured and hauled by ship, with an 8-hour window between the launch of production and the arrival of the full load of asphalt mix.

The technical division of Colas Centre Ouest designed the BBS 0/10 mix with a 50/70 bitumen and an additive tested by the CST for use in warm mixes at 120°C. The additive agent was selected to lower the viscosity of the bitumen, while preserving its initial characteristics, even at high temperatures. When cooled to ambient temperature, the asphalt mix regains sufficient strength.

Manufactured at 180°C, the asphalt mix’s workability was very satisfactory, up to 120°C for application by hand, and up to 100°C for the paver.

350 tons of mix were shipped over daily, and the last 60 tons were stored in insulated containers to make sure that the mix would remain workable until the end of the day, thus enabling an amplitude of up to 17 hours of workability between the launch of production and application.