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12. 10. 2016

Valorcol on Reunion Island

As part of a city street refurbishment project in Reunion Island, GTOI bid with a technical alternative comprising special products designed by Colas, in particular a Valorcol capping layer.

The use of special high performance products helped reduce the amount of materials removed during the earthworks to a minimum, which also reduced truck traffic during the work.

The initial capping layer design, which called for untreated aggregates, was replaced by Valorcol, a cold mix composed of 100% reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). A grader was used to apply and level off the 10 to 15 cm thick Valorcol course.

The customer was satisfied with the solution, as it reduced nuisance for local residents by limiting dust emissions, and the need to apply emulsion and chipping.

The products were formulated and studied by the Central Lab at Colas Madagascar.

Optibase 0/14 was used for the base courses on the main roads, initially designed with road base asphalt concrete. The wearing courses were made with COLAO PE 0/10 and BETOFLEX was employed on the roundabouts.