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22. 03. 2017

Roissy CDG runway 2 – Laying down of 220,000 m² of glass fiber grid

From July 18 to September 23, 2016, Colas Ile-de-France Normandie and Colas Grand Travaux carried out renovation and redimensioning work on runway 2 of Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport. The operation consisted mainly of overlaying the original concrete slab structure of the runway with an asphalt concrete complex with glass fiber reinforcement.

For this approach Colas IDFN made use in particular of the expertise of the asphalt pavement department of the CST at Magny-les-Hameaux, which performed a series of 4-point bending tests on a standard asphalt complex.

Laying down of the grid was followed by application of a layer of lime and then the 0/14 cl4 road base asphalt.

Core samples obtained when the runway lighting was installed showed that the glass fiber grid was extremely well bonded to the Saflex 0/6 sand asphalt and the 0/14 road base asphalt.