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26. 08. 2019

OPTIGRAVE & Concrete for 5-ha platform at the port of toamasina

Colas Madagascar was mandated to create a 5-hectare platform at the port of Toamasina.

This major operation made it possible to optimize structures with Optigrave®, high-performance roller compacted concrete:

  • Gantry crane tracks  
  • Truck lanes for specific transport
  • The container storage area

The study of OPTIGRAVE®, used as a base layer, was carried out at the Antananarivo Central Laboratory and made it possible to optimize cement dosages while maintaining the required performance. 

Its implementation was carried out with a motor grader without any special finish because it did not serve as a wearing course.

All in all, 10,100 m3 of OPTIGRAVE® and 9,400 m3 of concrete were deployed at this site.