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01. 08. 2017

Metalflex: a honeycomb structure for the holiday highway

In the context of a bid tender for the renovation of heavily -trafficked zones in the AVIA gas station in the Nîmes-Marguerites service area of the A9 highway, the Gard agency of Colas Midi-Méditerranée proposed Metalflex as an alternative solution providing an effective and long lasting response to rutting due to slow, repetitive heavy truck movements (up to 750 per day).

The client accepted this alternative and in early June 2017 a 650 m² Metalflex installation was delivered.

After milling of the existing rutted pavement, a new sub-base course was created with 16 cm of Optibase applied in two layers. A tack coat applied in both directions covered the grids completely, ensuring perfect adhesion with the asphalt mix BBME 0/10 applied with a finisher to a thickness of 5cm.