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30. 03. 2017

Grand Port Maritime of Marseille, OPTIGRAVE®

Colas Midi-Méditerranée, in collaboration with the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille, has laid down 8,200 m² of high-performance roller-compacted concrete Optigrave as a wearing course on the coal wharf, ready to support the demands of heavy truck traffic, material handling equipment and storage,

The procedure for renovating the platforms is to mill the existing surface to a depth of 20 cm, check the quality of the support, apply the 2000 m3 of OPTIGRAVE over 20 cm thick with a paver, and then use a specific curing treatment to increase surface wear performance.

The task of formulating the OPTIGRAVE 0/20 was entrusted to the Campus for Science and Techniques, using limestone material from the BRONZO PERASSO quarry at Ste. Marthe. The concrete was prepared in the BRONZO PERASSO ready-mix plant at Ste. Marthe dedicated to the project and were laid down by crews from Colas Midi-Méditerranée in Marseille. One of surface curing processes implemented gives a surface appearance comparable to that of broom-finished concrete and that smoothness is improved by the use of the power float.

Innovation and the collaboration between the different COLAS units enabled us to satisfy our client.