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22. 10. 2015

A facelift for the Les Fagnes Go-Kart track

With a length of 1,400 m and widths ranging from 8 to 16 m, the Les Fagnes go-kart track in Mariembourg (Belgium) quickly became one of Europe’s most popular circuits after it was built in 1987. Now, time has come to resurface the wearing course.

In June, Colas Belgium’s Colas Asphalte branch planed the former wearing course and applied 1,300 tons of EB 10 asphalt mix in a 4 cm thick course. The customer specifically requested conventional asphalt mix, and did not accept the Ruflex M technical alternative Colas proposed.

The work was completed in 4 days: the first day for planing, 2 days for application, and 1 day for finishing work. Two parallel finishers were used to avoid creating a central, longitudinal joint.

Several days later, we were able to test the track with other kart enthusiasts. Everyone agreed that the new surface was an improvement, and offered a more enjoyable ride. In dry weather, the competitors even made better times.