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18. 08. 2016

Designing and building earth dikes

Colas Nord-Picardie built a 700 m long dike as part of an 8 ha flood field project. The dike was entirely redesigned by Colas, using a design-build approach.

The technical issues included:

  • Geotechnics: defining an investigation program, stability in 20 differents situations, consolidation and ground soil flow;
  • Hydraulics: calculating the water line, piping, leakage.

A number of possibilities were studied, using several types of geosynthetic processes: anti- contaminant geotextiles, draining geotextiles, geogrids, watertight screens, dig-proof screens. Instruments were used to track deformation over time, and plan maintenance if needed.

The experience gained during this first successful test still widens the know-how of Colas in geotechnics and will offer efficient solutions for the design of future dikes.