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12. 06. 2015

Colclair Colmat on the shoulders of Route RD54 in southern France

As part a reinforcement project on Route RD54 in Figanières, performed by the Colas Midi-Méditerranée Fréjus profit center, some 3,000 m² of Colclair Colmat was applied to the shoulder areas of the roadway.

Colclair Colmat is a micro surfacing using Bituclair clear synthetic emulsion binder, applied in single or double courses.

The Conseil Général of the Var Department selected an ocher color, obtained with a synthetic binder emulsion and selected aggregates.

The 0/2 sand and 2/6 gravel come from Lazard in Aigues Vives, and were chosen for their color. The Bituclair 70/100 emulsion binder, specially designed for micro surfacing, was manufactured by the Colas Midi-Méditerranée LMS plant in Vitrolles.

The width of the micro surfacing machine had to be adapted to apply the specified widths.

The color of the Colclair Colmat makes it possible to visualize the shoulders, in a legible, visually appealing way, thus providing more comfort and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition to shoulders, Colclair Colmat can also be used for bike paths, with Colclair mix (hot or warm mix containing synthetic binder). It can be applied in very thin layers (< 10 mm), which means that road equipment does not need to be changed or raised. It can also be used to materialize a bike path in urban areas on existing asphalt pavement.