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Screg Sud-Est wins a Public Works Award 2011

Screg Sud-Est, a subsidiary of the Colas Group, won the FNTP Public Works Award 2011 in the Occupational Health category, for its chemical risk prevention program.


Screg Sud-Est's strong commitment to chemical risk prevention dates back to 2004.   


Initially, the company began by performing an inventory of the products used throughout its businesses.  It then moved on to carry out studies on substitutes designed to replace any product that could present potential health hazards for employees followed by an in-house awareness and information campaign.     


In addition to improving awareness of the hazards posed by products that employees use daily, such as gasoline and diesel fuel, the program has progressively led to a series of measures which have triggered a change in practice. These include:


  • replacing fuel oil with plant-based product to clean off tools used to apply hot mix (pavers, hand tools) and in workshops,


  • replacing conventional fuel with alkylate gasoline to run smaller machines on site,


  • replacing conventional solvent with soap or plant-based products to clean grease in workshops.


The award ceremony will take place Wednesday November 23 at 10:45 am in Hall 2.2 (room 22) at the Paris Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles.

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