Press release

Safety Week at Colas: June 24 - 28, 2019

For the seventh year in a row, Colas is organizing Safety Week, a week-long event dedicated to safety across its 800 business units and 2,000 production and recycling sites on five continents. The 2019 program focuses on the theme of Noise.

The 2019 edition of Safety Week focuses on the dangers of noise and on the importance of using hearing protection at all times, which is mandatory at each of the Group's sites and facilities (construction sites, quarries, plants). The goal is to remind all employees that any noise above 80 dB (A) is hazardous, that it has negative impact on the human body, and that hearing loss is irreversible.

Safety Week 2019 includes a poster campaign, quizzes during which employees can test their knowledge and a film, available on the Colas YouTube channel. A brochure will present the effects of noise on the body (tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness, cardiovascular issues, insomnia, stress, etc.) and offer advice and best practice in the fight against eight popular beliefs ("Jobsites aren’t that noisy", "Intensity is the only thing that makes noise dangerous”, “Hearing loss is only for the elderly”).

Above and beyond this annual Safety Week, Colas' safety policy is rolled out daily, based on four main cornerstones: compliance with safety regulations; training and information; safety as part of the initial design of construction sites and processes; monitoring actions carried out by the Group. This policy is also based on innovation (exoskeleton, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.).

Safety is, with ethics, the number one value at Colas. The Group has been implementing a proactive risk and accident prevention policy for more than twenty years and aims to be the benchmark company in this field.

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