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Renewal of the road safety charter agreement between the French government, the CNAMTS and the Colas Group

On April 2, 2009, Michèle Merli, inter-ministerial delegate for Road Safet and Stéphane Seiller, president of the steering committee for the prevention of professional road risks, professional risk manager at the Caisse nationale d’assurance maladie des travailleurs salariés (CNAMTS), renewed a Road Safety Charter Agreement with Hervé Le Bouc, Chairman and CEO of the Colas Group, world leader in road construction and maintenance for the third time in a row.

The renewed agreement between French government bodies and the Colas Group comes in the wake of the January 30, 2009 with the January 30, 2009 charter signed with the Fédération nationale des travaux publics (FNTP). This partnership has been extended for a three-year period in order to continue to pave the way for improvement. 

Even though the Group’s fleet has grown by over 96% since 1997, the frequency rate for its employees’ work-related road accidents rate dropped 60%. [1].

Today, 500 employees, trained as ‘Road Safety Relay Officers’, implement a field prevention program to promote good practice, under the guidance of a Road Safety Steering Committee.  

By signing the charter, the Group agrees to:

  • rationalize its organization in the workplace, on worksite and during work-related travel to improve safety,
  • on-going monitoring of the condition of vehicles with passive and active safety equipment such as ABS, reversing radars, cameras,
  • exchanging experience and best practice:

-         internal communication within the Group companies, in particular regarding the use of cell phones at the wheel or on site, and with specialists in alcohol abuse,

-         Annual inter-subsidiary road safety challenge.

The Group will also provide: 
  • eco-driving training,
  • special driving codes for passenger vehicles, HGVs and construction equipment,
  • post-license drivers training,
  • automatic speed limitation policy for vehicles.

[1] Source: AXA, assureur des flottes COLAS.

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