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Plessentiel awarded a PPP contract for city streets and lighting in Le Plessis-Robinson, France

Plessentiel, a company held by three Colas subsidiaries (Screg Ile-de-France Normandie, Colas Ile-de-France Normandie, Aximum) and ETDE (Energy and Services subsidiary of Bouygues Construction), was awarded a 20-year Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the city of Le Plessis-Robinson, near Paris, involving the financing, upgrading and maintenance of city street networks and public lighting in a section of the town.


This is the first ever PPP contract in France to combine the upgrading and maintenance of city streets and lighting networks. 

The total contract value amounts to 52 million euros, including 21 million euros for the initial upgrading phase.   

The initial upgrading phase covers the total refurbishment of 17 km of streets in continuity with the existing network and in compliance with the city's design charter, including street lighting and the redesign of certain streets and sidewalks to improve user safety and comfort.  The work will be performed by a consortium comprised of Screg Ile-de-France Normandie, Colas Ile-de-France Normandie, Aximum and ETDE, in partnership with Sorec Ingénierie and Jardin Service.  Slated for completion in 30 months' time, the initial phase is scheduled to begin at the end of November. 

Plessentiel is also in charge of renewing and maintaining the network as of the contract start date for a duration of 20 years.

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