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Nanosoft, an efficient way to fight noise

The Colas Group, leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure and urban development, has designed a cutting edge noise-reducing mix called Nanosoft. This product boasts unheard of performance figures and helps divide vehicle rolling noise by 8. A test section of Nanosoft has been applied on the Jean-Pierre Beltoise circuit in Trappes, France. It will be tested in situ on Thursday June 19 with the help of Bruitperif, the Greater Paris noise observation unit.

Traffic noise is a major nuisance for people who live near infrastructure.  During the French Environment Roundtables, a decision was made to find a solution for the noisiest zones within the next 5 to 7 years. 

The Colas Group has been committed to fighting noise for many years, and has developed a number of noise-reducing surfaces.  After Colsoft and Rugosoft, which reduce noise compared to conventional surfacing by 5 and 7 decibels, Nanosoft continues to improve performance levels with a 9 decibel reduction, i.e. noise power is divided by 8.  

Made with very small (1 to 4 mm), hard aggregates that are highly rut resistant, Nanosoft can be applied with great ease on all types of existing roadway in 25 to 40 cm thick layers, regardless of the type of traffic.  

Nanosoft’s exclusive mix design, made up of a network of micro air voids, ensures long-lasting noise reducing performance;its service life is forecast for 15 years with no maintenance in normal traffic conditions.

In addition, Nanosoft provides excellent skid-resistance, making the road safer for both users and residents alike.  Nanosoft is the perfect solution for urban and suburban zones.  

Nanosoft has been applied in Lille, Tours, Dijon, Monaco, Bandol, and other towns and cities around France.

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