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GLOBAL SAFETY WEEK AT COLAS – JUNE 16-20, 2014 - Colas highlights safety for its employees in open traffic work zones

Following the 2013 edition of the Colas Global Safety Week and the tremendous success it encountered amongst employees around world, the Colas Group has launched a new week-long campaign dedicated to raising safety awareness and fostering prevention. From June 16 to 20, 2014, the 61,000 men and women who work at Colas will be participating in the Colas Global Safety Week, which will focus on the safety of workers in open traffic work zones.

"But who keeps US safe?" a hard-hitting message to foster new safety reflexes

In the wake of the global ‘Safety Attitude' campaign that was launched by Colas in 2013, the 2nd Global Safety Week focuses on raising awareness amongst all employees - especially site managers and profit center managers - to highlight the importance of worker safety in open traffic work zones.  

On this type of project, in addition to the guidelines and laws designed to ensure the safety of road users, the specific risks that workers face must be detected and analyzed upstream by site management before the actual work begins.   

During Global Safety Week (June 16-20), every Colas profit center and company around the world will present a dedicated awareness-raising film and will distribute brochures detailing a series of guidelines and best practices for profit center managers and site managers, to help them give renewed impetus to their approach to worker safety in open traffic work zones.


Managers worldwide show maximum mobilization to minimize risks

As was the case in 2013, each profit center will organize a wide variety of actions and events including workshops, training programs, practical exercises, etc. to enable the managers to demonstrate their own personal involvement in finding solutions to the risks encountered in open traffic work zones.  Work will continue as usual on the jobsites, but the managers will be present to help ensure greater awareness.


Safety: a top priority for a responsible company

For more than 20 years, the Colas Group has been fostering a strong-willed prevention policy to promote better safety on the road and on the jobsite, including:

  • strong commitments, such as the signature in France of Road Safety Charter in 1997 with French Government and the French National Health Insurance Fund for Employees (CNAMTS) and the signature of the European Road Safety Charter in 2005 (renewed every 4 years).


  • a wide-sweeping range of prevention tools: safety training (some 40% of training hours each year), eco-driving training, first aid training, toolbox safety talks which were renamed Starters in 2013, awareness raising campaigns (posters, comic strips, etc.), accident analysis, sharing of best practice, inter-company competitions, etc.


  •  a network of 300 safety and prevention officers in the field, and 500 road safety officers.


  • nearly 20,000 employees trained in workplace first aid (1/3 of total workforce).


This drive to improve safety was stepped up at the beginning of 2013 with:

  •  the Safety Attitude Campaign, launched by Colas Chairman and CEO Hervé Le Bouc, to raise awareness amongst the 61,000 Colas employees worldwide, all year long, via messages from the Chairman, posters, newsletters, videos, Starters, etc.


From 1997 to 2013, the accident frequency rate in the Colas Group was divided in half, and the traffic accident frequency rate dropped 67%.

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