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Combined annual and extraordinary shareholder's meeting on april 14, 2010

At the Combined Annual and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting on April 14, 2010, chaired by Mr. Hervé Le Bouc, the Shareholders of Colas approved all resolutions put to vote.

Key figures 2009

Consolidated revenue for fiscal 2009 totaled 11.6 billion euros, a 9.4% decrease compared to 12.8 billion euros in fiscal 2008.  The Group share of net profit amounted to 387 million euros (490 million euros in 2008).  The parent company Colas posted net profit of 329.1 million euros compared to 327.7 million euros in 2008.

Dividend: 6.75 € per share

A dividend of 6.75 euros per share, compared to the 8.75 euro-per-share dividend distributed last year, will be paid out as of April 28, 2010 in cash or in shares, at the Shareholders' discretion.  For Shareholders who wish to be paid in shares, the issue price of new shares issued in payment of the dividend has been set at 169.85 euros.  Shareholders have from April 28, 2010 to May 19, 2010 included to make their choices known. After this date, the dividend shall be paid out in cash only.

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