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Colas will be at the Pollutec Exhibition 2011

The Colas Group will showcase its environmental expertise during the Pollutec Exhibition 2011 at the Paris Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte from November 29 to December 2. Special focus will be placed on products designed to respond to the energy challenge and to biodiversity issues.



Paris Parc des Expositions de Villepinte/Hall 6 - Stand E 248

Backed by its road subsidiaries (Colas, Screg, Sacer) and its other companies specialized in pollution clean-up (Colas Environnement), waterproofing (Smac/Axter) and safety and signaling (Aximum), the Group will highlight its most innovative products and techniques in the following fields:


  • Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions: 3E®+R warm mixes, warm mastic asphalt Neophalt®, mixes with Vegeclair® plant-based binders and Vegeflux® fluxing agent, waterborne paint with plant-based binder Vegemark® and Ostrea® road marking,


  • Recycling materials (asphalt mixes, mastic asphalt, concrete, soil, slag, foundry sand): Recycold®V, Novacol®V,


  • Fighting traffic noise: noise reducing hot mixes (e.g., Nanosoft®, Microville®, Miniphone®).


The Group will also display Activeskin®, a visually-appealing aerothermal solar façade, along with Clairisol®, a translucent façade that provides heavy duty insulation, Coletanche® bitumen membranes and D'Limit 750, an eco-designed lane separator and Colas Environnement will present its expertise in pollution clean-up.  


Lastly, the Group will emphasize its policies to support biodiversity throughout its quarries and gravel pits. 

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