Press release

Colas secures three motorway contracts in Hungary for a total of 330 million euros

Colas' Hungarian subsidiaries won three contracts for the construction of road and motorway sections in the northeast of the country for a combined total of 330 million euros.

The first contract involves the construction of a new section of the M30 Motorway, which will link the city of Miskolc to the Slovakian border. Stretching 24.2 km between Szikszó and Encs, the section includes two interchanges and 21 engineering structures, for a total of 242 million euros. Work is slated to begin in August 2018 after a design phase and will last 3 years.

The other two contracts concern the construction of two new contiguous sections on the M25 South Motorway, northeast of Budapest:

  • section 1, with a length of 7.1 km, for an amount of 61 million euros;
  • section 2, 7.5 km long, performed in consortium with the company HE-DO, for an amount of 27 million euros (Colas’ share, i.e., 50% of the contract).

These three projects are funded by the European Union.

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