Press release

Colas Rail’s British subsidiary, Colas Rail Ltd, will participate in an Alliance to extend the tram network in Birmingham, UK

On July 4, 2016, the West Midlands Combined Authority, Colas Rail Ltd and design companies Egis Rail, Tony Gee and Pell Frischmann officially formed the Midland Metro Alliance.

The Alliance, set to last 10 years, will be in charge of studies, procurement, construction and commissioning for the extension of the West Midlands tram network, for a total of 1.2 billion pounds.

Colas Rail Ltd’s share is estimated at 60% of the total contract value, and will include the extensions and components of the transport system as well as urban development, building and civil engineering work.

This is the first Alliance formed for a tram network in the UK, thus confirming Colas’ strong foothold in the area and illustrating the complementarity of the Group’s businesses, as well as highlighting its expertise and experience in Alliances for major rail projects.

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