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The Colas Group will be present from November 17 to 19, 2009 at the Exhibition for French Mayors and Local Authorities

During the Exhibition for French Mayors and Local Authorities held at the Paris Parc des Expositions from November 17 to 19, 2009, the Group will present its most innovative products, processes and road equipment in the field of responsible development.

Paris Parc des Expositions at the Porte de Versailles

Hall 2/2 Booths D24 (Colas) – E34 (Screg) – C26 (Sacer)

Hall 3 Booth C 23 (Aximum)


The Group’s three French trademarks (Colas, Screg, Sacer) will highlight their know-how in responsible development with the presentation of products and processes around three main themes:  

-          Improving safety on road networks,

-          Preserving the environment,

-          Making for better, more attractive city living.

Among the road safety products presented, some allow for a better tire/road grip and improved skid-resistance, such as Rugosoft® and Microgrip®; others, such as Colclair® and Colorasphalt®, make roads easier to read.

To preserve the environment, in particular by saving resources and energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a number of products and techniques have been developed: in-place recycling with Novacol®, Recycold®, Valorbase® ; warm mixes with 3E®, 3E+R® (combined with recycled materials), Ecoflex/Ecolastic, Ecofalt® ; plant-based mixes (Vegecol®, Compogreen®, Naturalith®).

Last but not least, better city living means reduced traffic noise (noise-reducing Nanosoft®, Miniphone®). Other products help make for a more attractive, eye-pleasing environment: natural aesthetic surfacing (Vegecol®, Castelith®), colored surfacing (Colormac®, Scintiflex®, Colorseal®). 

Aximum will present its latest cutting-edge innovations in road equipment: Elise®, a self-propelled road marking machine, Ecogyro®, a LED low-energy rotating light, and Captor®, an automated red light running detector.   

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