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The Colas Group will be at the Pollutec Exhibition 2012

The Colas Group will showcase its environmental expertise during the Pollutec Exhibition 2012 at the Eurexpo center in Lyon, France from November 27 to 30. Focus will be placed on products designed to respond to the energy challenge and biodiversity issues.

Lyon, France Eurexpo / Hall 3 - Stand C 172


Backed by its companies specialized in pollution clean-up (Colas Environnement) and waterproofing (Smac/Axter/Resipoly Chrysor) along with its road subsidiaries (Colas, Screg, Sacer), the Group will highlight its most innovative products and techniques in the following fields:

- rehabilitating industrial sites (Colas Environnement) and solutions for wastewater treatment plants, (Résipoly Chrysor),

- saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions: mixes with Vegeclair®or Vegecol® plant-based binders and Vegeflux®fluxing agent, waterborne paint with plant-based binder Vegemark®and Ostrea®road marking,

- recycling materials:(asphalt mixes, mastic asphalt, concrete, soil, slag, foundry sand): Recycold®V, Novacol®V,

- fighting traffic noise:noise reducing hot mixes (e.g., Nanosoft®).

Colas will also present its program in support of conserving biodiversity, the goal of which is to host a protected species or a beehive at every quarry and gravel pit throughout the Group.  In the French regions of Bretagne and Pays de la Loire, for instance, the Group's quarries are playing an active role in conserving the Northern Raven and bees.  Only 40 couples of Northern Ravens still subsist in Bretagne, and 6 of these have taken up their quarters in Colas quarries.  Training sessions have been organized for all employees in collaboration with the Ornithology Group Breton, to ensure that animal conservation and business activity remain compatible. Partnerships have also been formed with local beekeepers: to date, 8 sites are involved, with 30 beehives already up and running, and 10 more to come soon.

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