Press release

Colas awarded contracts in France and worldwide for a total of 350 million euros

Subsidiaries of the Colas Group have just been awarded major contracts worth a total of 350 million euros.

France (70 million euros) :

  •  Construction of new pavement on a 15.5-km section of highway A 88  
  • Widening to 6 lanes on a 49-km section of highway A 31 
  • Refurbishment of pavement on highway A 5    
  • Highway construction on Montauban bypass  
  • Widening to 4 lanes on an 11-km section of Route 145  
  • Construction of Lamaids bypass         
  • Construction of roadways at Vert Galant exchange in Sevran    
  • Laying of pipeline on a 60-km section in Fos-sur-Mer and Manosque  

International (280 million euros)    


  • Refection of pavement on highways 16 and 43 in Alberta
  • Paving in Timberlea, Alberta 
  • Construction of networks in Rivière-Ouelle, Quebec  


  • Construction of a bridge on SR6015 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania  
  • Reinforcement and widening of highway on I 64 in Virginia 
  • Refurbishment of pavement on Route 360 in Virginia       
  • Widening of pavement on SC161, in South Carolina 
  • Refurbishment of pavement in Homer and Anchorage, Alaska 
  • Refurbishment of runways at the airports of Kenai and Unalakleet, Alaska  
  • Construction of rail link in Portsmouth, Virginia  


  • Work on highway between Le Lamentin and Fort-de-France


  •  Sewerage network, civil engineering and construction of pumping stations in Budapest     


  • Construction of new roadways for QMM iron titanate mines in Fort-Dauphin 

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