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Colas and Immersive Factory innovate in the field of safety training

Colas and Immersive Factory, a French start-up specializing in the design of virtual reality training, have co-developed an innovative training module to immerse the Group's employees in a virtual project. A fun approach, designed to safely enact risky situations and raise awareness of one of the main risks of the construction business: crushing by a construction vehicle or a truck.

A collaborative project, which benefits all construction

The training module, which only requires a computer and a virtual reality headset, has been co-built by Colas and Immersive Factory to develop virtual media that is as close as possible to the reality of a construction site. Modeled after a genuine work site in Nantes, France, the initial scenario was enriched by prevention experts and field operatives at Colas. The creation of this module was co-funded by both partners to enable other companies in the profession to benefit from it and to share best practices in safety.

Training dedicated to new recruits

Designed for everyone, regardless of their job position from workers to managers, the virtual reality training program is now included in the Safety Culture induction program for new employees, a specific target for Colas. "Our goal is to remind our employees that safety is the # 1 value of the Colas Group," explains Philippe Simarik, Prevention, Health and Safety Manager at Colas.

In addition to other safety actions rolled out as soon as new employees arrive in Colas facilities, this module aims to change people’s behavior, helping to pave the way to Group’s zero accident goal. Safety and risk prevention training accounts for more than 50% of the Group's annual training budget.

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