Press release

Colas and a French county are paving the way to safer roads

Colas has signed a contract with a French county – the Eure-et-Loir – to provide it with ANAIS, a digital service based on the use of embedded data. The target is to help improve user safety by identifying warning zones on road infrastructure.

ANAIS is a solution designed by Mobility by Colas, a unit combining the road builder’s traditional know-how with new technologies. The system collects and analyzes data relating to the behavior of vehicles on roads, thus making it possible to detect warning zones on the road network and provide maintenance recommendations to network manager. The solution won the Road Safety Innovation 2019 award for Emergency Response and Improvements to Road Space at the 3rd edition of the Road Safety Innovation Awards held on February 20.

Mobility data and new uses

Colas has signed a partnership with Michelin Driving Data Intelligence (DDI) for the acquisition of driving data in real-life situations. These data, collected from a community of volunteer drivers, are reported, then aggregated, anonymized and contextualized on a processing platform designed to detect warning zones. These zones are then in turn analyzed and processed by Mobility by Colas, to help local authorities such as the Eure-et-Loir county target specific road safety maintenance operations.

A new approach to continuous analysis

Acquiring real driving data brings a new dimension to road network diagnostics, as their analysis can be both continuous and comprehensive. Thus, ANAIS makes it possible to measure the benefits of maintenance work on detected warning zones and, more generally speaking, to ensure a continuous improvement process to make roads safer.

Fabrice Luriot, Manager of Mobility by Colas: "We are proud to sign the first ANAIS contract with the Eure-et-Loir county. Our offer is in response to a major challenge: making warning zones safer by improving how we measure network performance, prioritizing preventive over curative maintenance, and fostering optimized investments for communities."

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