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Colas acquires SRD (Société de la Raffinerie de Dunkerque)

Colas has acquired 100% of the share capital in the Société de la Raffinerie de Dunkerque (SRD) from ExxonMobil France Holding SAS and Total Lubrifiants. The company, which boasts a workforce of over 250 people, runs a specialty refinery unit (bitumen, base oil, paraffin), producing some 300,000 tons of bitumen each year, i.e., nearly 25% of Colas' bitumen consumption in France.

The acquisition comes with additional contracts which stipulate that SRD will be provided technical assistance from ExxonMobil for a three-year period, that SRD will benefit from a processing contract with Total that will cover 40% of production until the end of 2012 and that Colas will have Total's support in supplying SRD.  The Site Director and the Technical Director, currently ExxonMobil employees, will join Colas following a short transition period and will remain in their current positions.  These agreements will help ensure continuity of production on the site.  

This project is perfectly in line with Colas' strategy to ensure industrial integration and to secure part of its bitumen supply for France.

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