A third lane for the M7

Forty kilometers southwest of Dublin in Ireland, Colas is widening the M7 motorway and constructing a bypass around the town of Sallins.

The M7 - one of the country’s busiest routes - is used by 78,000 vehicles daily. The creation of a third lane in both directions over a 13-km section, along with an interchange and the installation of safety and signaling equipment should help to make traffic smoother and safer on the motorway. Priority was to keep traffic moving safely during construction. Three companies - Colas Projects, Colas UK and SIAC (in which Colas acquired a 36% stake in 2014) – are performing the €64-million contract. Some of the five new bridges on the bypass that the joint venture is building cross over the River Liffey, a river teeming with salmon. Otters and badgers also live in this natural habitat. To preserve resources, the backfill for the viaducts is brought from worksites in Dublin. Nothing is wasted!