Synergies on the Caen tramway

By 2019, the Caen tramway will have completed its transformation: a new model on rails is set to replace the rubber-tired trams.

This major project - the first of its type in France - began in January 2018. For the central batch (4.5 km of track in the downtown area), several Colas teams are working together. Colas Projects is leading the operation. Colas Rail is responsible for laying the tracks and installing the overhead contact line. Employees of Picheta demolished the existing reinforced concrete infrastructures, while Colas Île-de-France Normandie’s Caen profit center will be responsible for the new platforms (paving, asphalt mixes, etc.). Finally, Aximum has been subcontracted to install temporary traffic signing. Located at the heart of the downtown area, this project requires permanent adaptability and a detailed schedule for the completion of each phase of the work. On the avenues, the central part of the road is cordoned off with barriers, allowingthe work to be completed in sections and residents to move around in complete safety.