A river runs through it

Gone are the days when people had to walk for an hour and a half to go from Chessy to Dampmart, in Seine-et-Marne, near Paris.

Pedestrians and cyclists alike can now go from one municipality to the other in just a few minutes, by crossing the bridge linking the Dhuys sculpture garden to the chemin des Tartreux, on either side of the river Marne. Colas Île-deFrance Normandie’s Civil Engineering profit center was responsible for building and installing the 130-ton structure. The main technical challenges facing the teams were lifting the bridge over the river and installing it on two reinforced concrete abutments. The operation was carried out using a 600-ton crane, which was able to operate on low load-bearing terrain thanks to a temporary reinforced 80 cm-thick concrete platform, built by Colas Génie Civil’s civil engineering team. The twelvemonth project was made even trickier due to its close proximity to the giant sculptures of the Dhuys garden, a protected site. Great care had to be taken to make sure they were not damaged. Painstaking work!