Mastic Asphalt Plant Supervisor

"We have to supply all our sites every day"

Your job

You are in charge of mastic asphalt manufacturing operations to supply waterproofing projects in your area. At the head of a team of operators, you are in charge of production schedules for your manufacturing unit, ensuring quality and compliance of finished products via a computerized system. You ensure that your equipment and plant is  maintained and functions properly. You ensure compliance with safety regulations. You are also responsible for the administrative management of your business  (internal and external orders, production, control and analysis, invoicing).

Your profile

You have a 2-year higher education degree in Electricity, Electrical Mechanics or Industrial Maintenance, with at least 5 years experience in an asphalt plant as an operator. You have expertise in electricity, hydraulics, mechanics and the people skills required of a manager.

Your career development

You can evolve to a management position within the Equipment or Construction sectors. The opportunities for career advancement may require geographical mobility.

Skills required