"You need to stay close to the field to understand what is really at stake"

Your job

You work closely with the Profit Center Manager on all legal issues.  You are in charge of files concerning public and private construction contracts.  You participate in the insurance appraisal process.  Your wide-sweeping expertise allows you to work in labor, environment, and property law, and to manage all types of litigation issues.

Your profile

With a Master's degree in Business Law / Construction Law / Corporate Law, you have experience in a corporate legal department or a law firm.

Your integration

As part of a legal department, you will start by working with an experienced lawyer.  You will work on a variety of files and subject matters to acquire skills and autonomy.

Your career development

Gradually, as you gain skills, you work on more complex cases. When you have reached a high degree of expertise, you may supervise a division.

Skills required