"We must understand the project as a whole before we start"

Your job

As part of the Design and Engineering Unit in one of our profit centers, your job is to transform the technical solutions for a structure into drawings and plans using CAD software, and perform or verify quantity surveys…. You report to a Design and Engineering Unit manager, in contact with construction teams to readjust plans as needed, as well as the completion of as-built drawings at project completion.  

Your profile

You have a 2-year higher education degree in Civil Engineering or Public Works, in addition to a professional trade degree. You master AUTOCAD and are very familiar with IT tools.

Your integration

You are part of an engineering and design office in one of our profit centers. You learn your job in contact with the Head of the Engineering and Design Office.

Your career development

After a successful first experience as a designer, you move on to more upstream projects and advisory roles on regulations and standards. After several years of work experience, you may also have managerial responsibilities and supervise a team of draftsmen. 

Skills required