Construction engineer

"Entrepreneur from day 1"

Your job

You have genuine entrepreneurial spirit, and can supervise work on the projects you have been assigned, from the study phase to hand-over.  Assisted by a construction engineer to monitor construction projects on a daily basis, you coordinate everyone involved, both external (customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, main contractors, frontage residents) and internal (Engineering & Design, Laboratories, Quarries, Equipment, QSE). You ensure that the contract as a whole is executed as planned, and you guarantee the financial profitability of the project, in compliance with safety requirements, technical specifications and deadlines.

Your profile

Engineering or Civil Engineering degree, you have acquired a first experience as a construction engineer,  even as an internship.

Your integration

The job of site manager is learned primarily in the field. When you are hired, and regardless of the integration process you choose, you start with a period as a site manager for 3 to 6 months. This transition between the end of your studies and your first assignment will help you gain experience and credibility with your teams. During the first year, you will be given specific training on  technical and managerial fundamentals. You will participate in welcoming programs at  subsidiary and Group levels and you attend your first Colas University within 18 months.

Your career development

After a first successful experience, you may move up (Construction Manager, Branch Manager, ...) or horizontally (Head of Engineering Department). Mobility is often a condition for change, as opportunities may arise throughout France and even abroad.

Skills required