Other activities

Colas is also present in other activities such as Road safety and signaling and Networks

01 Networks

  • Installing a 53-km section of pipeline in central France
  • Installing pipeline in northern France as part of the GRT Gaz Hauts de France II project
  • Construction of surface infrastructure for the Hauterives underground natural gas storage unit in southeast France
  • Installing 11 km of pipeline and two switching stations in southwest France


The Group's Networks business, which is operated by its subsidiary Spac, acquired in 1993, generated 2018 revenue of 199 million euros (2% of total Group revenue). The business mainly operates in France.

It encompasses the following:

  • installation and maintenance of pipes and pipelines for
    • fluids (oil, gas), including the construction of gas compression stations
    • wet and dry networks (water, electricity, heating, air conditioning)
  • small-scale civil engineering and industrial services

Spac operates across a broad range of activities: 

  • pipelines: construction and maintenance of high pressure distribution networks (pipelines, compression stations, pipeline equipment, associated civil engineering, under pressure drilling, etc.)
  • natural gas, electricity: construction and maintenance of networks
  • drinking water: construction and maintenance of networks for conveying drinking water from its source to distribution points (i.e., catchment and distribution);
  • drainage: construction and maintenance of sewerage and drainage networks for local authorities
  • maritime engineering: construction and maintenance of structures for port and river development (quays, dikes, embankments, etc.).

Below are some examples of recently completed projects and projects in progress:

  • installing gas pipelines for the Gascogne Midi (RGM) reinforcement project (62 km) and for the Val-de-Saône artery in France
  • installing 23 km of electric cables in Normandy, as part of the electrical connection between France and Great Britain
  • installing wet networks (associated civil engineering works, ponds) and wastewater in France from the Brest polder
  • installing water pipes in Gabon and Guinea-Conakry
  • installing a hydrocarbon pipeline in Jorf Lasfar, Morocco

02 Road safety and signaling

Installing guardrails on an upgrading project on Route RN 113 near the French Riviera

Road safety and signaling


In 2018 the Group's Road safety and signaling business generated revenue of 318 million euros (2% of total Group revenue).

It consists of the manufacture, installation and maintenance of road safety equipment (guardrails and traffic control equipment), road marking (production of road paint and road marking work), signs (road signs), signals, traffic management and access control equipment (traffic lights and equipment for toll barriers, parking lot barriers and access control barriers).

This business is operated through Aximum and its subsidiaries, mainly in France but also internationally, namely the Netherlands (which is home to a road paint production plant) and through an export activity working with some twenty countries. Aximum has a French network of 120 sales offices and 10 plants producing road marking, electronics and safety products and signing.

Below are some examples of recently completed projects and projects in progress:

  • an energy performance contract (EPC) covering street lighting and traffic lights in the city of Paris, France
  • supply of 60 km of guardrails for Highway A10 in France
  • supply and installation of guard rails for the Nîmes-Montpellier LGV high speed train, and for the L2 bypass in Marseille
  • 22-year contract for the maintenance of the Troissereux bypass in northern France