The production and recycling of construction materials (mainly aggregates and bitumen) represents 2.4 billion euros of revenue from sales to third parties in 2019, i.e., 18% of the Group’s total revenue.

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Upstream from the construction and maintenance activity, Colas also does significant business in the production, distribution, sales and recycling of construction materials (aggregates, emulsions and binders, asphalt mix, ready-mix concrete and bitumen) across all its sites around the world. Some of these materials are used by the Group while others are sold to third parties.

Colas operates via a dense international network consisting of:

  • 449 operating quarries and gravel pits 
  • 151 emulsion and binder plants
  • 526 asphalt plants
  • 192 ready-mix concrete plants
  • 1 bitumen production plant (Malaysia)

Total volumes produced by Colas in 2019 were as follows:

  • 97 million tons of aggregates sold (Colas share)
  • 2.1 million tons of emulsions and binders
  • 36 million tons of asphalt mix
  • 2.7 million cubic meters of ready-mix concrete
  • 1.1 million tons of bitumen

The Group’s global authorized reserves of aggregates (Colas share) are estimated at 3.0 billion tons, i.e., 31 years of sales (Colas share).

Colas is one of the top five global recyclers, all sectors combined. With 800 recycling facilities around the world, Colas recycled 9 million tons of materials and aggregates in 2019, the equivalent of 10% of the total production of its quarries and gravel pits (17 medium-sized quarries avoided) and 16% of its total production of asphalt mix. 309,000 tons of bitumen were recovered by recycling in 2019, the equivalent of the production of a medium-sized refinery.

Colas also has a significant bitumen distribution business, particularly in North America, Asia and Australia, relying on a network of 69 bitumen storage terminals and a fleet of bitumen vessels, river barges and railcars. In 2019, 2.5 million tons of bitumen were sold.