Smart mobility

Against a backdrop of fast-paced urbanization, today’s society has high expectations in terms of traffic flow, air quality and living conditions. Smart Mobility is one of the cornerstones of the Smart City concept.

  • A smart road sensor

Paving the way to better mobility

Thanks to its activity in the construction, maintenance and equipment  of roads and city streets,  Colas is a driving force behind innovations to foster Smart Mobility. 

The Colas Group company Aximum and the Colas Campus for Science and Techniques, in a partnership with CEA Tech, have designed a sensor able to detect parked vehicles, offering both users and operators the following services:

  • locating a parking space quickly 
  • enabling all payment methods, including cell phones 
  • managing special parking places (disabled parking, electric vehicles , etc.) 
  • proposing a door-to-door multimodal route calculator 
  • managing rates 
  • identifying vehicles that have gone over time or that have not paid 
  • reserving parking places 
  • locating one’s vehicle
  • collecting and using statistics to improve management

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