Imagining and building tomorrow’s mobility

As a world leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, Colas strives to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s mobility challenges, against a backdrop marked by fast-paced urbanization, the energy transition and the digital revolution.  

Innovation is the cornerstone of Colas’ business strategy, a reflection of the pioneering spirit that has defined its image since the beginning: intelligent roads, meaning communicating roads equipped with sensors, greater use of green chemistry in product design, economical solutions adapted to the level of service required by customers, connected jobsites, new forms of partnerships, global offers, and more. 

With the Solar Road, Colas has crossed a historic milestone by creating a new function for roads, the production of electricity, in addition to its conventional role as a vector of mobility.   

Just as innovation permeates into every line of business and every part of the company, Colas’ responsible development drive is also omnipresent: employee safety and fulfillment, environment, solidarity, ethics, transparency. 

Colas continues to pave the way forward around the world, backed by corporate values - being Entrepreneurial, Pioneering and Innovative, Responsible and showing Solidarity that are shared by the 55,000 men and women in the Group, with the ambition of being a reference and a preference for customers, employees and stakeholders.  

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